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Fur Baby Testimonials

In the crazy environment in which we all currently live, it’s extremely challenging to communicate with your veterinarian if you are a pet owner...or to your client if you are a veterinarian! 

Not being able to be in the hospital when your beloved pet is being evaluated, curbside drop off for surgeries, it’s all extremely stressful for both parties!!!! 

Well, thanks to an amazing app, that stress and communication challenges can finally be improved. 

The Fur Baby Tracker has revolutionized the way we can now communicate owner to veterinarian. The ability to have real-time conversations, receive images of your beloved pet recovering from a procedure, follow your pet throughout the process of the day in the hospital, etc., is incredible. 

I personally think Fur Baby Tracker has created a new way of communicating for the better that will be utilized from here on out.  

If your a pet owner and your vet is not using Fur Baby Tracker, ask them to try it...if you are a vet looking for a better way to communicate with your owners, ask them to download it. 

While we have all had to make changes during these crazy times, this is one thing that has changed the way we practice for the good! 

Sherman O. Canapp Jr., DVM, MS, CCRT

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