Built for Veterinarians by a Team of Industry Experts

Over 40 Years of Combined Industry Expertise

The Fur Baby Tracker platform is developed by a team of veterinary-specific industry experts.  With over 40 years of combined industry experience both in clinic and in industry, the Fur Baby Tracker team is uniquely qualified to bring you a solution that both meets the needs of a busy practice, and integrates with the day-to-day tools you rely on.

The Team Includes

  • A Top Cat Marketer with 10+ Years of Industry Experience Marketing Top Veterinary Brands

  • A Technology Wizard with 20+ Years of Software Development Experience 

  • A Clinic Work Flow Genius with 10+ Years of Experience Who Has Done Every Job from Technician to Practice Manager

  • A Top-Notch Practicing Veterinarian with 15+ Years of Experience, and Who Brings Essential Day-To-Day "In-Clinic" Knowledge 

Amanda Hoffmeyer, Top Cat

10+ Years of experience in the animal health industry. Proud owner of 3 feline fur babies - Charlemagne, Erwin Schrodinger, and Baxter

Jon Gifford,

Chief Tech Wizard

20+ Years of software development experience across multiple industries. Proud fur baby owner and fur baby foster parent.

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