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Can I customize my Trackers?

Yes! Visit tools & setting from the desktop application to edit existing trackers or create new ones.

What if I need to edit a single tracker on just one pet's treatment on the fly?

No problem! From the pet's tracker record on any device click "edit tracker components", uncheck anything you wish to remove and key in the new tracker steps you wish to add.

Can I customize my food and medication dropdowns?

Yes! Visit tools & setting from the any device and use the checkboxes in the "customize medications & food drop-down" section to select what you wish to appear in your dropdown menu. Don't see what you need? No problem, enter it in the "add custom food" and "add customer medication" section. You may enter multiple items at the same time, just separate them by a line break. 

How do I customize my notes?

From any device visit tools & settings and select "manage note database". You may edit or delete existing notes and add your own custom notes.  

Fur Baby Tracker FAQ's

Pet Owner Check-In

How does the pet owner get access to the app?

When you check them in they immediately receive a text-message invite. They receive two texts - one with a link to the app download and a second with a link to set their password.  IMPORTANT: The pet owner must set a password to gain access to the app. After their first log-in they may use either their password or their phone number to login.

What if they don't get the text message?

Check to make sure their cell number is correct: 

  • Click "database" and search by their last name   

  • Select "view records"

  • Select "update pet owner record"

  • Update the phone number and click "update" be sure to enter the number in format +10000000000 with no spaces

  • Click "send fur baby tracker invite" that manually pushes the invitation to be re-sent to the pet owner

If the pet owner doesn't download the app what do they get?

The pet owner will receive texts when a tracker is updated, a note is added, or to alert them that a photo is available for them to view in the app.

What if a pet owner wants to manage their notifications?

The pet owner may download the Fur Baby Tracker app and manage their text-based notifications in the settings area. For example, they may elect to turn off photo, tracker, or note notifications based on their preferences. Some pet owners are diligent about checking the app and prefer to interact with it that way vs. via text message.


What if I accidentally check in a pet?

To remove a pet from the dashboard that has been accidentally checked in click "schedule", locate the pet that you wish to remove from the dashboard, and click "edit", located right below "IN HOSPITAL". Next, select "remove from schedule". The pet will be removed and the owner will not receive any further notifications.

What if I am checking in a pet and their visit reason is incorrect?

At the check-in step you have the ability to change the "visit reason", simply select the correct visit reason and click 'update'.

What if I check in a pet and then notice the visit reason is incorrect?

Click "schedule", locate the pet that you wish to change, click "edit", located right below "IN HOSPITAL", select a new visit reason from the dropdown and select "save changes".

How do I manually re-schedule a pet?

Click "schedule", locate the pet that you wish to reschedule, select "edit" and select a new schedule date and click "save changes".

Treatment Room

If I use the Fur Baby Tracker App on my personal cell phone does it send texts from my number?

No! Fur Baby Tracker uses it's own phone number to send texts. The aapplication accesses nothing from your personal device so go ahead and use it there!

If I check a pet out can I still send texts?

Yes, the checked out pet will appear on the completed dashboard through the end of the day and you may continue to send notes that will be delivered to the pet owner via text after the pet has been checked as ready for pick-up.

How can I add a dashboard photo for the pet?

On the pet's tracker record click "add cover photo" and take a picture of the pet with your cell phone or tablet, this photo will become the pet's dashboard photo and is visible to both the clinic and pet owner.

In notes, what does the counter mean?

Fur Baby Tracker can deliver text messages that are 160 characters or less, the counter shows how many characters you have entered. Longer messages will be curtailed and the pet owner will need to visit the app to see the entire message.




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