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The Veterinary Innovation Podcast Features Fur Baby Tracker

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

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"Real-Time Monitoring for Clients"

In This Episode

Reception is the busiest part of the veterinary clinic, the spot that most communication passes through. Instead of waiting for people to call looking for updates on their pets, what if they could be provided proactively? This week on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, Shawn and Ivan sit down with Amanda Hoffmeyer of Fur Baby Tracker to discuss how sending information before it’s asked for removes a huge burden from reception, how those updates can be monetized, and whether there is still a place for text messaging in a field of rich media options. Ms. Hoffmeyer recommends the Non-Obvious Trends Series by Rohit Bhargava and the How I Built This podcast from Guy Raz and NPR.

Topics Covered

Workflow OptimizationReal-Time MonetizationTexting vs. Rich Media

Listen to the podcast here!

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