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Free Webinar The Dollars and Cents of Pet Owner Communication

Good client communication is a key contributor to the long-term financial success of a veterinary practice -- learn why in this webinar!

The most successful practices provide a high standard of care, and keep clients in the loop at every step in the care process to create a superior customer experiences that results in pet owner empowerment, satisfaction, and loyalty. Well-informed clients support practice success in many ways, from bolstering new patient referrals to improving treatment compliance, but the financial impact they have is perhaps the most important (yet also most overlooked).

In this webinar, we break down the ROI of improving client communication. Using real-world examples, you'll learn why it costs more to acquire new clients vs. retaining existing ones, the financial value of loyal clients, and the role communication plays in generating revenue. Amanda Hoffmeyer, CEO of Fur Baby Tracker, will also share tactical communication tips and will demonstrate the financial implications of these communication strategies and why it makes monetary sense to implement them.

Key talking points include:

  • Customer acquisition cost

  • Lifetime customer value in veterinary medicine

  • The cost of client acquisition vs. retention

  • The dollars and cents of customer loyalty

  • Tips for improving in-clinic customer communication & financial implications

  • Tips for improving at-home customer communication & financial implications

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