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Step-By-Step Instructions for Using Fur Baby Tracker for Curbside Pick-Up

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Read this step-by-step guide to optimize workflow during curbside pick-up using Fur Baby Tracker. Improve clinic workflow and manage pet owner expectations, with just the click of a few buttons!

Step 1, Scheduling: If using Fur Baby Tracker without a practice management integration enter your patients into the schedule the day before they will arrive. You may enter them as far in advance as you wish, but to optimize workflow, make sure they are at least in the day before.

Step 2, Curbside Pick-Up: Complete your intake paperwork and discussion at the pet owner's car. The last step in your car-side check in should be the the Fur Baby Tracker check-in. Complete this on your cell phone, or on a tablet that you bring out to the car. Simply click "Check in a Fur Baby", and select "check-in" by the name of the pet you are picking up. This step instantly sends the pet owner a text message with an invitation to download the app, set a password, and follow along. Confirm the pet owner has received the text message, if they have not update their cell phone number by following the steps in the FAQ under the pet owner check in section.

Step 3, Use Fur Baby Tracker to Update the Pet Owner: Send picture, tracker, and note updates throughout the pet's stay using the Fur Baby Tracker application. Everyone is on the same page and included in the pet's plan of care.

Step 4, Ready for Pick-Up: Complete the tracker by selecting "ready for pick-up". If you have different pick-up instructions during COVID-19 consider adding a standard note to your note library that contains any specific pick-up instructions. If you have a specific place they should wait, or way they should prepare their car for pick-up, consider adding photo attachment to your standard note that visually shows them what you'd like them to do. You may also want to send them a note about payment details, a picture of the invoice, or any additional take-home instructions that you'd like them to be able to access and review digitally.


Want to Try Fur Baby for Free During COVID-19?

Don't forget! In response to the COVID-19 outbreak Fur Baby Tracker is offering free access to any veterinary clinics who wish to use it to streamline communication. Click here to request your free access today.

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