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Fur Baby Tracker Announces Exclusive Founders Program for Innovative Veterinary Clinics

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

A group of thought-leaders in the market come together to improve pet owner experience.

[WILMINGTON, DELAWARE] December 23 – Fur Baby Tracker announces the launch of the Fur Baby Founders program. A collective of practicing thought leaders assembled to create a think tank focused on identifying and improving pet owner communication challenges.

The Fur Baby Founder program is open to a limited number of clinics and will provide a community forum for participants to collaborate on the pet owner communication challenges of today. The output of this group will be translated into broad tips that will be communicated to the market and will help inform forward-looking Fur Baby Tracker features to solve communication friction points.

When asked about the Fur Baby Founders Program, Amanda Hoffmeyer, CEO, commented “We’re really excited to launch the Founder program! We’re committed to improving communication, and this mission includes elevating our own communication directly with our user base. This is a great opportunity to connect with leading veterinary clinics to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and how we can help.”

Founder clinics will receive exclusive opportunities to share their expertise through the Fur Baby Founder platform. Interested clinics are invited to apply to the Fur Baby Founders program online at

Fur Baby Tracker

Fur Baby Tracker is a software company founded in Wilmington, Delaware. The mission of Fur Baby Tracker is to provide software solutions that improve communication inside veterinary clinics and externally to pet owners resulting in strong clinic to pet owner bonds. For more information about how Fur Baby Tracker can improve clinic workflow, enhance pet owner satisfaction, and strengthen internal and external relationships please visit

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