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Curbside Communication Series: 5 Video Tips

Watch these 5, 60-second tip videos to reduce friction in your curbside workflow!

Introduction to the tip series

Looking to improve the workflow and pet owner communications in your veterinary clinic? This tip series is designed to show you how Fur Baby Tracker can help!

Quick Tip 1: Reduce Inbound Veterinary Clinic Phone Calls

Reduce inbound phone calls to the clinic by proactively communicating a pet's status in their plan of care to their owner. Best part? The updates only take 2 seconds to perform.

Quick Tip 2: Reduce Friction in the Pet Owner Call Back Process

Reduce "run around the clinic time" for your veterinary team when pet owners miss your voicemails. See how to use one simple hack to cut your call back time!

Quick Tip 3: Deliver Peace of Mind During Pet Drop-Off Treatments

Give pet owners peace of mind with photo updates. It takes 2 seconds to deliver a photo directly to their phone and reduces inbound call volume for veterinary teams.

Quick Tip 4: Optimize Veterinary Curbside Drop-Off Workflow

Curbside drop-off got your veterinary clinic’s workflow feeling the pain? Use Fur Baby Tracker to save time and manage pet owner expectations...proactively!

Quick Tip 5: Improve Communication for Veterinary Teams

Improve veterinary staff communication between reception and the treatment room with this one simple tip!

Contact us to discuss other ways to improve your curbside drop-off communication!

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