7 Curbside-Friendly Notes to Add to Your Fur Baby Tracker Notes Library

Updated: Jan 28

Add these notes to your library to make curbside pickup, drop-off, and pet owner expectation management a breeze!

1. After Curbside Drop off

[petname] is in good hands! We’ll text you and send app updates during [petnames]’s visit, keep your phone close by for updates.

2. Approvals

If we need approval to treat anything we find we’ll send a text seeking approval. Open the app & type “approved” or “not approved” in drop off notes.

**If you plan to do this send individual notes to pet owners such as:

"We'd like to run blood work on Baxter to check his kidneys, type "approved" or "not approved" in drop off notes or call 000-000-0000"**

3. Annual Exam Complete

[petname] did great during their exam! We’re preparing notes for you-be in touch soon!

4. Annual Exam, Call Approval for Treatment

During [petname]’s exam we found something we’d like to treat today, give us a call at 000-000-0000 and ask for Dr. Name when you can to chat!

5. Annual Exam, Call Approval for Diagnostics

During [petname]’s exam we found something we’d like run diagnostics on, give us a call at 000-000-0000 and ask for Dr. Name when you can to chat!

6. Paperless

We’ll be emailing you [petname]’s notes from today to eliminate the passing around of paper. Stay safe and well!

7. Curbside Pickup Instructions

When you arrive call 000-000-0000 and open the car door for your pet. We will take payment for your visit over the phone and bring [petname] right out!

As often as you can include a picture with the notes from your note database. Photos will give pet owners increased peace of mind and minimize the inbound phone calls for your team.

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