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5-Second Communication Tips to Wow Pet Owners

Communication doesn't have to take a lot of time--check out these FAST tips!

Transactional communication doesn't have to be negative! Quick communications are not intended to replace the important phone calls and face-to-face (when possible) conversations between pet owners and doctors.

Instead, proactive transactional communication can augment longer discussions and strengthen the client/doctor bond. How? Thought better expectation management, follow up, and by providing what clients want in their time of need--peace of mind.

Use these 4 tips to improve pet owner satisfaction and clinic workflow--spoiler alert--most of these tips take less than 5-seconds thanks to automation technology:

  • Setting Expectations with 5-Second Emails: Create a standard pre-visit email that is automatically deployed when visits are scheduled. Up your game by adding personalizations such as the pet owner's name and pet's name. These emails can set expectations for when to arrive, how the visit will go, and any practice protocols that they'll need to know about before the come in for their visit.

  • Managing Workflow with 5-Second Texts: Create a standard text message that is deployed 10 minutes prior to scheduled arrival times to remind pet owners about clinic protocols and what to do when they arrive. These texts support pet owner satisfaction and save your staff from wasting time with confused clients. Check out this article for more details about to set these texts up for fast deployment.

  • Provide Peace of Mind with 5-Second Photos: Snap a picture of pets when they're visiting without their owner. Picture-sending will save you time and provide a high-value touch to your client. Check out this article to see how you can send photos without exposing the phone number of a staff member or office cell phone.

  • Provide a High-Value Follow Up with 5-Second Emails: Just like the pre-visit email you'll want to send a post-visit email that thanks the client for visiting and provides a link to a feedback survey to help your clinic continuously improve. Set these up as automated emails to make sure they don't get neglected in the bustle of everyday practice.

Good client communication can impact the finances of your clinic more than you might think. Check out this free webinar, The Dollars and Cents of Pet Owner Communication, to see a detailed breakdown of the financial impact of pet owner loyalty.

Contact us to discuss other ways to improve pet owner communication, and satisfaction!

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