Fur Baby Tracker is a software application designed by veterinary industry experts to provide visibility to the status of every pet who is visiting the clinic, and spends time separated from their owner (treatment drop-offs, boarding, surgery, rehabilitation, daycare).

Fur Baby Tracker is a simple, easy-to-use tool that provides veterinary clinic staff with a fast way to make updates to the status of each pet's treatment, as it's happening in real-time.  This information is accessible by the entire clinic staff, including reception, technicians, and veterinarians.

The same real-time information is also sent to the pet owner via text message, and through notifications stored iOS and android applications.  This communication allows owners to participate in their pet's care, and results in fewer inbound phone calls to the clinic.

Fur Baby Helps Clinics...

Improve Workflow

Optimize internal communication, improve communication to pet owners, reduce manual touches with things like "the whiteboard", and reduce inbound call volume from pet owners.  Say goodbye to the days of reception running around the clinic while the pet owner sits on hold waiting for an update.

Improve Satisfaction

Simple, real-time communication about the status of their pet, delivered in all the ways they want information, via text messages, email, and app notifications, allows pet owners to participate in their pet's care.  The result?  High client satisfaction from clearly managed expectations.

Improve Relationships

Clear communication and properly managed expectations are the foundation of any solid relationship.  The improved internal and external communication provided by the utilization of Fur Baby Tracker enable relationships within your clinic to flourish, and relationships between your clinic and clients to bloom.

Schedule a 15-Minute Web Demo

Schedule a web demonstration to see how adding Fur Baby Tracker can provide your clients with peace of mind, your staff with improved communication efficiency, and your clinic with a new revenue stream.


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