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An Exclusive Group of Innovators

Become part of the exclusive group of Fur Baby Founders leading the way in pet owner experience and communication in veterinary medicine.

About the Program

The Fur Baby Founders are an exclusive group of innovative veterinary clinics focused on delivering incredible pet owner user experience. They are committed to providing outstanding patient care and an inclusive experience for pet owners.

If this sounds like your clinic apply today, there are a limited number of available spots in the Fur Baby Founders program.

Fur Baby Founder Benefits

  • Exclusive public relations coverage in the veterinary industry highlighting clinical excellence and communication innovation.

  • Fur Baby Founder branding assets

  • Exclusive welcome kit with Fur Baby Founder branded content for pet owner marketing communications

  • Monthly social media content

  • Coverage of clinic news and innovations on Fur Baby Tracker social media channels

  • Direct access to Fur Baby Tracker leadership for innovation and collaboration

  • Membership to Fur Baby Founder closed Facebook collaboration group

  • Exclusive Fur Baby Founder pricing for Fur Baby Tracker program 

Apply to be a Fur Baby Founder

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