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If you can track a pizza to your front door, shouldn't you be able to track a pet around the veterinary clinic?

Pizza trackers were developed to cure "anxiety" about when your food would arrive.  If we are anxious about our deep dish we are definitely nervous when our pet is in surgery, or boarding overnight, or even when they are at daycare.  Bottom line - pet owners want to know what their pet is doing.

Veterinary clinics also benefit from real-time pet tracking by keeping the entire team from reception to the operating room on the same page of the status of each and every pet in the clinic.  Technology and social media have conditioned us to expect the real-time status of everything from flights to why not the status of our fur baby too?

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Why Fur Baby Tracker?



Keep the entire team on the same page about the real-time status of every pet in the clinic.  Say goodbye to the days of reception running around trying to get an update on a pet while the owner sits on hold.

Reduce client phone calls and increase pet owner satisfaction with real-time text message, app, and email updates about the status of their fur baby.  Easily share status updates, notes, photos, and discharge notes.


Save time and money through streamlined communication.  Increase pet owner retention and social exposure.  Reduce friction between your staff and the pet owner during times when clear, real-time communication is needed.


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